Sandy Claes

Future Formers

“Future Formers” is an artistically inspired project to encourage youngster to express their future visions through art. The project was held in five cities in Limburg (B): Beringen, Genk, Hasselt, Sint-Truiden and Overpelt. The youth of each city will be guided by a coach designer or artist, who will guide them in translating their vision on the future in an artistic production. This production will also reflect on the problems and possibilities of public space in the city. By building on each others adaptations to a common artistic design (using Thomas Lommée’s “Open Structures”), the youth of the five cities will create one, collective Gesamtkunstwerk.

I was involved in this project as part of research group Social Spaces of MAD faculty, who was responsible for the participatory approaches in this project, in terms of working with both policy makers as youngsters. Social Spaces guided the concept and the methodologies behind this project.

Background: “Future Formers” was supported by Stichting P&V that organizes projects for and by young people, thus encouraging their involvement in the community and letting them actively participate in building a solidair world. By setting up a competition (i.e. “GO 2030“), Stichting P&V challenged young people to express their ideas and suggestions on our future society. The winner of the competition was eeland, an organisation from Genk that works with youth and deals with communication and new media.