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Since end 2012, Sandy Claes (1982) is a PhD candidate at Research[x]Design, department of Architecture, KU Leuven Belgium. Her research focuses on the public visualisation of urban data, with the goal of designing understandable data visualisations that elicit interpretation and reflection, trigger social discussion and may inspire behaviour change. Her main research interests include urban HCI, visualisation, and design research.

In 2005, Sandy Claes graduated as a master in audio-visual Arts at the MAD faculty in Genk, Belgium. Her film ‘On a lead’ was awarded as best animated film at the International Short Film Festival in Leuven, Belgium.

In 2006, together with Daan Wampers, she created the animated short film ‘Bruised’ (Dutch title: Blauwblauw), which was based on a poem by Miguel Declercq. This film was awarded as best non-narrative film at the I Castelli Animati Film Festival of Rome, Italy. Later that year Claes and Wampers made the experimental animated film ‘Domino’, which was recognized as best mobile Film at the International Short Film Festival of Leuven (2007), at Cinepocket Festival in Brussels (2008), both in Belgium and at Filmo, LABoral Film Festival in Madrid, Spain (2010). Claes and Wampers further explored the artistic and technical concept of ‘Domino’ through a rollercoaster shaped installation as an ‘Exploded Film’.

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